What To Do With Your Apartment Photography Following a Photoshoot

by McKenna Hogan, on Apr 22, 2021 8:30:00 AM

It’s no secret that apartment photography has the ability to yield amazing results.

However, according to Market Leader, you have two seconds to grab a buyer’s attention without a photo, and 20 seconds with a photo—so now that you have the right collateral, it’s important you know how to use it while you have a renter’s attention.

We’re here to help strategize the best and most effective ways to leverage your new content to ensure results. Take a look below for a few tips and tricks for marketing your apartment photos following your photoshoot.

New call-to-action

1. Add to all platforms

Pretty obvious, but not always executed correctly.

In order to make the most of your apartment photos following a photoshoot, below are a few steps to take to maximize visibility and generate qualified leads.


Probably the most important platform, adding your apartment photography to your website should be the first thing you do following a photoshoot.

Starting off with your portfolio, it would be a good idea to strategize your new photography with the old if you already have the content, or even delete any outdated material if it no longer works for your website.

Here are a few examples of multifamily portfolios with LCP photography that really stand out:

180 North Jefferson - Gallery Page

Bush Temple - Gallery Page

Vert Apartments - Gallery Page

Aside from your portfolio, leveraging your new apartment photography through your web design is a great way to advertise your property.

Maybe it’s a slideshow, or part of your homepage header—however you choose to utilize new photography, you can build interest easily by adding new content any way you can.

Google My Business listing

Marketing your new apartment photography doesn’t end with your website. Be sure you leverage your new content to the fullest by adding it to your Google My Business listing.

This is so important for many reasons—for starters, having up-to-date, high-quality photography is not only excellent for informing renters, but it also optimizes your listing due to Google’s algorithm and can boost your ranking in search results.

In fact, according to Google, customers are 42% more likely to request driving directions to a business if its Business Profile has photos, and 35% more likely to click through to its website.

But it’s not just about adding it to your GMB listing. There are certain steps and requirements necessary for images to ensure they comply with Google.

Take a look at these Google My Business image size requirements to optimize your listings apartment photography and improve the way renters find and interact with your business.


Virtually every multifamily property is on some type of ILS these days, which can make it difficult to stand out among local competition.

In fact, according to a 2017 NMHC and Kingsley Renter Report, 70% of renters leverage an ILS during their search­­.

Luckily, with that new apartment photography you just received, you have the opportunity to position your community in a new light.

By adding your new apartment photos to any associated listings, you can bring a more transparent and informative look inside your property—not to mention, renters will definitely notice you.

And the more photos the better. So add all of your new professional photos and delete any that no longer do your apartment community justice.

But don’t completely eliminate all existing assets because they are still valuable during the apartment search, even if they may not look as pristine as your brand new apartment photos.

Lastly, GMB listings allow you to post, similar to other social media sites. By posting your new photos on a weekly basis, you can better inform prospects as well as bring increased visibility to your listing.

Social media

You already knew this one, so we’re here to give tips on how to leverage new apartment photos through social media.

As a digital content company specializing in real estate technology, we see a lot of our products and services leveraged through social channels.

mockuper (50)

Here are a few of the most engaging and unique ways we’ve seen multifamily communities use their apartment photos to generate interest:

  • Make a branded collage of new photos using Canva
  • Post amenity photos with brief descriptions or any new updates
  • Post images of available units to spread awareness
  • Create a mockup with your gallery to illustrate the apartment search
  • Put together a slideshow
  • Create a “mood board” with apartment photos and other images
  • Focus on branding

These are a few easy ways to build interest and generate buzz around your new apartment photography—not to mention, they help make your brand look more professional.

2. Leverage through a QR code

QR codes are the new big thing, and can be leveraged digitally as well as physically.

According to Beaconstac, most Fortune 500 companies have already added QR Codes to their marketing stack such as Nestle, Emirates, Nike, and Puma—and they’re continuing to grow in popularity within all industries, especially real estate.

The best way to advertise your new apartment photography is to increase the channels directing renters to your portfolio, or website in general. And with a QR code, this transition can be made quick and easy.

Leverage a QR code linked to your new images by printing it out and posting it around your community, on any flyers or pamphlets, and in email campaigns to streamline the discovery process.

3. Incorporate with your other digital assets

Owner of a Panoskin virtual tour? Maximize your digital assets by adding that new apartment photography to the mix for an informative and immersive experience.

The benefit of this is that renters will be able to find all of your digital content in one easy to locate place, bringing more eyes to your apartment photos as well as increased visibility to your virtual tour.

Panoskin Virtual Tour - Laptop

However, virtual tours aren’t the only place you can leverage new images.

If you have existing 3D renderings, adding photos to your 3D gallery is excellent for showing the evolution of your property, and can help build trust among prospects.

In addition, if you have any non-staged spaces as part of your new apartment photos, virtually staging rooms or units can be extremely beneficial to boosting interest in your community.

4. Strategize direct marketing with new apartment photography

Last, but not least, leverage your new apartment photography through direct marketing.

According to Vero, campaigns with images have a 42% higher click-through rate, increasing with the number of photos provided.

So long story short, adding images to your email campaigns is an excellent way to advertise, inform, and engage in the easiest possible way.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Leverage that QR code via email
  • Add apartment photography as the header of an email
  • Include an attachment with new photos
  • Design email with new images
  • Send an email announcing your new photography with a CTA
  • Send emails with available units and corresponding photos

There’s truly no shortage of ways you can leverage your new apartment photography through email campaigns, so keep this in mind when strategizing your direct marketing in the future.

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Make it worth the money

People love high-quality photography, so leveraging new photos wherever and whenever possible will surely grab their attention.

Don’t be afraid to make the most of your new apartment photography by leveraging it everywhere you can for not only an enviable ROI, but to also differentiate your apartment community from others.

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