3 Ways to Audit Multifamily Apartment Photography

by McKenna Hogan, on Jan 18, 2021 8:30:00 AM

Photography is one of the most common marketing assets in real estate. Little do people know, it’s not something you can just set and forget.

In fact, regular audits should be made to property photography in order for it to reap the best benefits possible.

See below for 3 easy ways to audit multifamily apartment photography to make your portfolio shine.

1. Get new (or more) apartment photos

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words—but what about an entire portfolio?

According to Vero, campaigns with images have a 42% higher click-through rate, increasing with the number of photos provided.

This same concept goes for gallery pages and listings as well.

Multifamily Exterior Pool Still

Multifamily Interior Clubhouse Still

The point is, having high-quality photography is great; however, having a stacked portfolio with a substantial amount of high-quality apartment photography can make a measurable difference.

If you already have a pretty full portfolio, use it!

As stated above, campaigns with more photos receive higher success. Below are a few ways to utilize all of your multifamily apartment photography to reap the best results possible.

  • Have it all over your website
  • Show it off through social media
  • Give renters an adequate collection of photos on ILS
  • Add it to email marketing
  • Post it to your Google Business listing
  • Virtually stage empty rooms

Although only a handful of tried and true ways to leverage all of your high-quality photography, these are sure to make a difference as far as boosting interest as well as engagement.

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2. Ensure photography is accessible

The first thing you’ll want to do with any of your digital assets is to make sure they’re accessible.

There are a few reasons accessible photography is so important.

For starters, it allows individuals with disabilities to be able to access your content—which is quite a large demographic.

In fact, almost 20% of the U.S population is disabled in some way, which means without accessibility, you’re only reaching 80% of renters. In addition, you’re not providing a great user experience for 100% of prospects.

Not to mention, Google favors accessible content, so your page and business listing is more likely to rank higher in search results if your content is optimized for accessibility.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Add alt tags to photos
  • Make your portfolio/gallery page easy to find
  • Optimize navigation
  • Ensure photography is optimized for all devices

Accessibility should be a top priority for all of your digital assets, so auditing your multifamily apartment photography with these tips will ensure all renters have easy and fair access to your content.

3. Play with placement

As one of the most essential assets to your property website, apartment photography should be easy to find.

Many multifamily websites have a gallery page that can be navigated to from the home page—although this is an excellent way to market your property photography, there are so many other ways to do so within your domain.

Consider the below photography audits.

Have a carousel playing on your home page

Apartment renters aren’t spending hours on your website—they’re most likely skimming your content for the basics, and then moving onto the next.

Because of this, it’s beneficial to have photography front and center to immediately pique interest, and to encourage renters to view more.

By adding a slideshow of your photography as soon as a prospect enters your site, you’re inciting automatic interest, and hopefully gaining more leads.

Add CTAs or widgets leading to your gallery page

Similar to the previous point, if you want potential prospects to know you have high-quality photography, it’s best to make it known as soon as they enter your website.

Another way you can do this by adding photography or a link to your gallery within a widget on your website.

If you don’t want to have your gallery page front and center, or you want more engagement with your gallery, adding apartment photography to a widget is an excellent way to audit your content.

Add photography to your virtual tour

Virtual apartment tours are often the most viewed content on a website page—it only makes sense that adding photography to your virtual tour would give it more visibility.

Screen Recording 2020-10-26 at 4.02.15 PM


Not to mention, it adds greater value as a resource for renters when it’s consolidated into one easily accessible dashboard.

Effectively audit your photography by adding it to your 360 virtual tour for maximum interest as well as engagement.

When you show more, you lease more

High-quality photography works wonders in multifamily. The trick, however, is keeping it fresh and up to date so that it can reap the same benefits it did when you first started using it.

Making regular audits to multifamily apartment photography can set your community apart from the rest, and ensure your assets are used to the fullest extent.

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