5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Property Photography

by McKenna Hogan, on Apr 3, 2020 8:30:00 AM

In real estate, visual content has been proven to not only be essential for engaging and converting leads, but the quality of that content acts as an important variable as well.

And since renters and homeowners rely so heavily on images during the home search process, property management teams will fare best with high-quality photography.

Below we will discuss five reasons to invest in professional property photography to be prepared for peak rental season.

1. Professional photos are cost effective

When a real estate business opts to invest in professional photography, the initial payment will be more than, let’s say, taking your own photos with an iPhone.

This price typically averages out to around $100-700 for a full photo shoot, sometimes depending on the size of the property or photo count.

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Because studies have shown that homes with professional photography can sell 32% faster than homes without, leveraging professional real estate photos across your portfolio not only boosts interest immensely, but converts much quicker.

In short, it pays off.

2. Professional real estate photos can be multidimensional

We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and that saying definitely applies to property photography.

Since visual imagery is at the forefront of many marketing campaigns in this tech-savvy era, it’s important to consider quality and quantity in regards to how they will be leveraged throughout different platforms.

In fact, campaigns with images had a 42% higher click-through rate - increasing with the number of photos provided. And these results from Vero were only pertaining to email campaigns, which is an iota of ways high-quality images can be leveraged.

Take, for instance, social media - Pinterest and Instagram are among the most popular platforms for modern day renters.

So just by having professional property photography at your disposal, you have a dozen additional places it can be leveraged - adding not only visibility, but channels necessary to driving traffic to your site.

But that’s not all.

High-quality images can be repurposed for other multidimensional sales tools as well.

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Virtual staging, for example, only requires a high-quality image and a 3D artist to create completely rendered furnishings and decor - and the end result is 100% photorealistic.

According to virtual staging statistics, leveraging this tool has proven to have overwhelming benefits for property listings -586% ROI just to mention one- but can only be used with a quality photograph.

And this is just a fraction of the ways professional photography can be used.

3. Professional photos dictate a professional business

For those of you that believe “professional property photography” consists of solely a nice camera - you would be mistaken.

The goal of a professional photographer in real estate is to capture your space in the best light and in the most informative way.

This means capturing at just the right angle, finding the best lighting for a given space, and ensuring the image displays full transparency of the property.

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The 5-Step Guide: Making Your Listing Photos Look Amazing

4. Less work for management teams

Service providers, such as LCP360, provide a no-hassle, end-to-end solution for photography needs.

What does this mean?

It means our photographers go in, assess your space, and conduct a photo shoot with edits and delivery included so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

So whether it’s peak rental season or just a busy schedule, no team has to worry about taking time out of their day that could be used for sales and/or marketing purposes to conduct a photo shoot.

Here are some examples of apartment photography from LCP360 that has yielded results.

5. Increased retention

A study by Brain Rules has proven that people only remember about 10% of information they’ve heard three days after hearing it, but can remember up to 65% of that information when paired with an image.

The ability for individuals to retain visual information to that extent makes the necessity for property marketers to provide professional photography essential to their success.

Especially when it comes to standing out among competition.

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Considering images have that effect on people, associating high-quality photography of your apartment community will go a long way with renters.

And let’s not forget that anyone can add images to your Google My Business listing whether good or bad.

Why does this make high-quality images so important?

Well, since Google often prioritizes content that is deemed useful or valuable, there’s a higher chance of your quality images being pushed to the top of a listing while low quality will be pushed to the bottom.

This process allows prospects to make their own judgements about your community.

Professional property photography is the key to success

Now that peak rental season is approaching, communities are ramping up their marketing efforts to boost listing performance. And the last thing you want to do is be reactive as opposed to proactive.

Interested in increasing your property listing performance with premium professional photos? Talk with us today to get started with your property photo shoots.

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