The Official LCP360
Property Prep Sheet

A message regarding photo shoots during the coronavirus pandemic:

In response to COVID-19, we are taking the health and safety of our photographers and clients very seriously. Photographers are required to comply with any on-site requirements in place at properties. Note that the role of our photographers is completely autonomous, and the need for a walk-through is not necessary. Photographers only handle their camera equipment.

In order to ensure a safe and clean environment for all of our photographers and on-site property teams, we are asking property managers to make sure doors are always open where possible, areas are kept clean and easily accessible, and lastly, areas are kept free of residents and staff to minimize contact.

We are also asking property managers to temporarily remove any colored safety tape and temporary signs during the shoot to avoid including them in photos.

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Interior Preparation

Close Common AreasSend notice to all tenants stating the times that the common areas will be closed for the shoot, ask them to clear their balconies of any equipment, debris, etc. Also put a notice up on each amenity space that will be temporarily closed.

Remove clutterClear lobby tables and countertops of loose papers, cards, erase all dry erase boards, remove post-it notes or other items.

Hide cordsCords, wires or plugs should not be visible. If necessary, unplug items like lamps, fans, microwaves, phones, cable, etc.

Dust all surfacesDust particles can be reflected in light and show up in photographed images, so be sure to open a window or two to allow for fresh air to circulate once dusting is complete.

Clean stains Pay attention to everything, floor to ceiling. Even something small will be captured in a photograph and especially a virtual tour.

Working Light bulbsPlease make sure all light bulbs work and are the same color.

Auto-Lights - Please work with maintenance to make sure all auto-lights are set to remain on during the photo shoot. Lights that turn off automatically in the middle of a photo shoot can affect photos being taken or require the photographer to stop the photo shoot momentarily.

Straighten Décormake sure everything is straight from wall art to lamp shades.

Remove all seasonal décor Items like Christmas lights, and holiday decorations will date the photos.

Clean windows
    – Make sure the glass is crystal clear and drapes/blinds are consistently pulled or consistently drawn in each room.
    – If pulled, make sure you’re pleased with the outside view because it will show, especially in a virtual tour.
    – If drawn, make sure drapes are freshly pressed, blinds are dusted and any visible ties, cords, rods, etc. are not left askew.

Bathroom - Toilet seats to be down and shower curtains pulled back to highlight tubs. Remove excess soap or bathroom products if applicable.

Fitness Center - Arrange fitness center with all weights on racks and fitness balls neatly stacked or arranged in corners of room.

TVs and Screens – Please make sure they are all off or all have what you would like to have displayed on the screens. (logo, website etc.)

Ceiling Fans - Please make sure all ceiling fans around the property remain off during a shoot.

Fireplace - Please make sure fireplaces are working, clean, and ON during a shoot.

Paint - Make sure paint is consistent on all walls.

Exterior Areas

Move cars out of sight – Don’t let cars and trucks block the view of your building. If your parking lot is in front of the building, mark it off for a short period of time or organize a valet system.

Remove trash cans, gardening tools, etc. from sight.

Clear debris from yard, garden, walking paths and/or parking lot, hide items like hoses or close visible shed doors and make sure all garden and lawn areas are freshly manicured.

Landscaping should be updated and/or maintained prior to the photo shoot.

If lawn/pool furniture is available, push in all chairs and make sure all chaise lounges are uniformly displayed with clean, matching cushions and/or umbrellas. Umbrellas should be open. Pool should be clear of all debris.

Clean windowsWindows outside are vitally important to getting great exterior shots. Maintain the same consistency you did indoors by ensuring all drapes/blinds look the same for any that are visible from the outside (ex. if shooting in the evening, make sure all lights are on inside the room of each visible window – the key is consistency!).

Photo Shoot Checklist


  • Notify all staff and residents/block off amenities if possible.
  • All lights switched on with all bulbs working
  • Windows, carpets, and mirrors are cleaned
  • Chairs positioned and organized
  • Tables set
  • Counters and tables de-cluttered
  • Visible areas clear of stray items (carts, walkers, whiteboards, extra signs, etc.)
  • Garbage bins empty and out of view


  • Main entrance/driveways clear of obstruction
  • Outside patio furniture positioned
  • Stray items cleaned up
  • Foliage and landscaping cleaned up

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