Panoskin Virtual Tour QR Codes

Inspired by the digital menus at restaurants, Panoskin now generates unique QR codes for all of our virtual tours so renters can seamlessly navigate to your tour simply by holding a phone camera over the code, which will then prompt a user to open up your Panoskin tour in their browser.

How to access your QR code:

  • Go to your Panoskin dashboard
  • Go to My Tours - select the tour you want to share
  • Click on the Share tab
  • Click on QR code then save to downloads

QR code 2


Sharing your code

Perfect for marketing, once the QR code is downloaded you can then print as stickers, signs, handouts, or share them digitally. Add codes to tabletop signs, leasing office desks, or even door decals when the building is closed to maximize visibility and streamline the scheduling process.


Contact support if you have any further questions at

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