How to Host a Virtual Meeting On Panoskin

Hosting a Virtual Meeting with LCP Connect

You can offer guided tours for your prospects in high resolution with smooth navigation. This feature requires no downloads or plugins and works on any computer or mobile device.

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Steps to starting your first Guided Meeting:

1. Log in to Panoskin using your credentials, and select a tour from the My Tours section that you want to present, then select the Meeting tab.

2. Click Start Meeting.

3. Once your tour loads, you can add individuals to the meeting by clicking the add users icon.


4. You have an option to send the invitation via an SMS, email, or direct URL. When you select SMS or email, you will be prompted to add the phone number or email addresses respectively of the individuals you wish to join the meeting. After you type in the contact info, click “+ Send SMS/ + Send Email”.  

5. When sending an SMS invitation, users will receive a text message inviting them to join you in a virtual meeting with a link to access the meeting. With an email invitation, the user will receive the request via a property-branded email. They will then click on the Join Meeting button that will prompt them to enter their name and email.

6. As users join the meeting, you will see their names and video bubbles populate on the right-hand side.

7. When presenting, you have the option to go from the 360 virtual tour to still images and back. Simply toggle between the Photos and 3D Scenes during the call to switch.

8.There is a rotation bar at the top of the screen that allows for easier and smoother rotation around an area as well as a reset to take you back to the center of a scene.  

9. To enter full-screen mode, click the expand icon. To end the meeting, click the end meeting icon. 

10. After you've ended the guided tour, the individual will be redirected to the Panoskin virtual tour to continue exploring your property on their own.

Watch the full Virtual Meeting Tutorial Below

Host Live Virtual Tours - Video

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