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Pinnacle Property Management increases direction inquiries on Google by 23% with virtual tours.

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About Pinnacle Property Management

Pinnacle Property Management Services, LLC (“Pinnacle”), is a privately-held national real estate provider headquartered in Dallas, TX, that specializes in third-party management of multifamily residential communities. As one of the nation’s preferred third-party managers, Pinnacle’s portfolio includes over 165,000 residential units and 2.75 million square feet of commercial assets. Pinnacle has more than 4,100 employees located in 30 states.

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  • Growing competition among multifamily residential properties on search engines
  • Leads coming in needed to be more qualified
  • Needed to increase visibility in search results
  • Needed to achieve higher engagement rates with prospects


  • Improve search results on Google
  • Increase views on Google listing
  • Increase phone calls from Google listing
  • Increase direction inquiries from Google listing
  • Increase website visits from Google listing

The Situation

As the multifamily industry becomes more competitive, Pinnacle recognized the value behind offering unique experiences to engage, increase visibility and ultimately drive more qualified leads.

LCP360 and Pinnacle partnered to demonstrate how multifamily properties that leverage virtual tours with Google My Business were more likely to increase their traction on a variety of metrics, including searches, views, phone calls, website visits, and direction inquiries.

The Solution

LCP360 worked directly with Pinnacle to organize, schedule and photograph virtual tours of Pinnacle multifamily properties across the United States.

After analyzing all Pinnacle properties with Google virtual tours over a 12-month period to all listings without virtual tours, LCP360 was able to conclude that virtual content on Google has a strong influence on views, customer actions and direction inquiries.

The Result

At the end of the Google virtual tour case study, Pinnacle Property Management achieved higher engagement rates, increased visibility and more direction inquiries on Google listings that had virtual tours.
Increase in Engagement On Listing
Increase in Search Visibility
Increase in Direction Inquiries
360 Residences
“Virtual tours truly change the way our customers can experience our communities by making them feel as if they are actually on tour via this technology."

Jennifer Staciokas
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Training at Pinnacle

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