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Lincoln Property Company increases Google listing actions by 30% with virtual tours.


About Lincoln Property Company

As the second largest multifamily manager in the United States, Lincoln Property Company brings a wealth of expertise, integrity, and innovation to the industry. With over 50 years of tenure, continual growth, and the success of our business partners and employees, Lincoln continues to be a leader in the multifamily vertical.

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  • Growing competition among multifamily residential properties on search engines
  • Leads coming in needed to be more qualified
  • Needed to increase visibility in search results
  • Needed to achieve higher engagement rates with prospects


  • Improve search results on Google
  • Increase views on Google listing
  • Increase phone calls from Google listing
  • Increase direction inquiries from Google listing
  • Increase website visits from Google listing

The Situation

Having a dynamic online presence is becoming increasingly important for multifamily residential properties to generate qualified leads. Lincoln Property Company recognized the need to engage prospects and increase visibility across community listings.

In a case like Lincoln Property Company's, it's not only essential to qualify leads early to save time and resources, but to also provide people with meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impact.

LCP360 and Lincoln Property Company wanted to test the value of Google virtual tours and determine if they had a true impact on the company's online presence and SEO.

The Solution

Our team worked with Lincoln Property Company to photograph and build hundreds of virtual tours and upload them directly to their respective Google listings.

After analyzing a group of 650 multifamily property listings with virtual tours and comparing them to Lincoln's remaining multifamily listings without tours, our team was able to conclude over a 12-month period that virtual content on Google had a strong influence over the company's visibility and engagement.

The Result

At the end of the Google virtual tour case study, Lincoln Property Company acquired impressive results across their Google listings, including an increase in direct searches, views and actions taken.
Growth in Searches
Increase in Views on Google Listings
Increase in Customer Actions
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“Engagement is key, and there is no better way to entice someone in the attract phase than with a well-produced virtual tour. By leveraging this technology, we not only increase leasing potential, but we also raise our visibility online."

Sheri Killingsworth
VP of Marketing & Communications at Lincoln Property Company

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