Why Prospective Renters Look for Virtual Tours in Their Apartment Hunt

by Kyna Garrett, on Jan 23, 2018 7:16:00 AM

What do you do when you're moving from New York to Seattle and need to rent an apartment? Buying a round-trip plane ticket for the weekend makes sense, but that's not always affordable or convenient for everyone.

Why Prospective Renters Look for Virtual Tours in Their Apartment Hunt

Virtual tours comprised of 360° panoramic images connected to complete a walk-through are becoming highly popular among new renters. Here's why:

They're Convenient

Plain and simple, virtual tours are convenient for many prospective renters because they can tour an apartment and its amenities from the comfort of their home. It means that someone moving across the country doesn't have to travel to decide if they want to live in a particular apartment. It means that the prospective renter won't have to take time off work or schedule multiple apartment tours. A prospective renter can also revisit the virtual tour more than once to help with their apartment research.

It Offers Thorough Research

Virtual tours aid apartment hunters in their research. Virtual tours are often one of the ways renters decide if they want to take a physical tour. But unlike physical tours, viewers are able to take their time walking through the virtual tour.

We Love Technology at our Fingertips

We all love accessible information, and virtual tours provide exactly that.

Apartments are changing how they incorporate technology into their amenities and apartment homes, and one place to start is by offering virtual tours to showcase a renter's future home. Virtual tours are viewable on multiple devices for easy accessibility and can be shared via a direct link.

Visualize non-existent spaces

Virtual tours don't have to be shot using photography. They can also be made up of detailed 3D renderings, which is especially useful for buildings that are still in the development stages.

Your future renters can explore their new apartment before it's even built.

It's fast

With technology so readily available in the Information Age, attention spans have shortened. And now, we've entered a new age: the Experience Age, where showing rather than telling has become a central focus in our lives. People now want a mixture of fast information and quality.

Information has also become easier to digest. Virtual tours offer the ability to see a space from any device without the need to travel. Viewers can complete walk-throughs and form an opinion in a matter of minutes.

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