The Impact of 3D Modeling in Multifamily Marketing

by Kyna Garrett, on Sep 22, 2017 11:15:00 PM

3D renderings have changed how architecture and engineering industries operate, and it's shaping the way that property management companies market to potential renters, before even breaking ground.

The Impact of 3D Modeling in Multifamily Marketing

In today's world, millennials are constantly moving and the highest percentage of renters are millennials. A “Coming This Spring” sign for a new apartment complex sparks interest, but how does a management company guarantee to fill vacancies before opening? How do they retain interest with potential renters? That’s where 3D modeling plays a vital role in marketing to next-gen renters.

Here are a few reasons why 3D rendering is so valuable in multifamily development and the pre-leasing stage:

Developement and design companies can visualize the new space

Architects, engineers and interior designers benefit immensely from the visualization and planning stages that 3D offers. 3D is controlled design, offering the ability to easily alter the construction of the building and any interior aspects, often before construction begins. 3D architects can control everything from lighting to staging, and it helps management companies make more informed decisions during the development stage.

3D Offers a Marketing Edge to New Multifamily Properties

Millennials today want information at their fingertips, and won't always wait for a building to finish construction to see it. 3D technology can represent detailed depictions of a property, even if it's still in the early stages of construction. Signing a lease sight-unseen can be nerve-wracking for renters, but 3D renderings provide sensibility and understanding of the space. People can view every little detail of what to expect with realistic 3D renderings, including the property's layout, amenities, and atmosphere. Multifamily developers who offer 3D renderings of their property are more likely to pre-fill vacancies, than those who don't.

Interested Renters Can Place Themselves in a 3D-designed Space with VR

It's common practice for potential tenants to tour an apartment complex before deciding whether or not they can see themselves living there, but that's often not an option for properties under construction. Management companies benefit from offering 3D virtual reality tours to interested renters because it helps companies stay on trend with technology. 3D virtual reality provides a sense of authenticity that mimicks viewing, as well as interacting with the real thing.

This gives renters a similar satisfaction that they would get by touring a physical property and helps management companies increase sight-unseen leases.

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