Staging Techniques To Boost Your Property Sales

by Kyna Garrett, on May 29, 2018 5:50:00 AM

Selling a property can be a challenge whether you're in the real estate, commercial real estate or multifamily industry. But staging your property is even harder. By following these tips and techniques below, you can design and stage your real estate property to improve the chances that it will rent or sell.


The first technique to boost your property image is to include white linens. White linens promote freshness to the room and build a relaxing sanctuary. Fresh, neutral color schemes on your walls will let the decorations and furniture colors pop. Subtle patterns or accenting colors will create an updated look.

Staging Techniques To Boost Your Property Sales


Plump bedding and pillows will give a comfy, hotel-like feel to a room. Certain paintings or custom furniture can serve a themed room well.


Adding dimmers to your lights may give more options on photographing the staged rooms. Picking the right fixture is also important in decorating rooms. Mirrors will double the size of the room and if placed across from a light source can bring out more lighting in the room.

Staging Techniques To Boost Your Property Sales


A simple art piece or a group of small succulents can liven up a room. Keep the beds, rugs and walls neutral colors to rely on the decorations to add style. Floor-ceiling drapes can create the illusion of height.

Center Focus

Once you have all the decorations and correct colors of your furniture it is time to have a center focus. Center the decorations and furniture around a coffee table or near a fireplace. This will create an environment in which a potential buyer can see themselves in.

Staging Techniques To Boost Your Property Sales

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