Panoskin by LCP360 Now Supported by PocketBuildings, a New Building Profile Platform for Visual Content and Files

by LCP360, on Jul 20, 2021 8:50:00 AM

When you manage a lot of properties, it can be challenging to maintain and organize your entire portfolio of assets. What if you could access all of your building’s assets all in one place?

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Panoskin integration with PocketBuildings to make it easier to manage and share your virtual tours along with all of your other content assets.

PocketBuildings is a solution that allows clients to organize and share all of their visual content associated with their commercial and multifamily properties. Maintain all of your building’s assets including photos, renderings, CAD files, contact information, documents, virtual tours, and other important information all in one place. PocketBuildings ultimately gives commercial and multifamily professionals peace of mind by eliminating organization challenges by neatly storing a property’s content for viewing or feedback.

With this new integration, properties on PocketBuildings can now easily add their Panoskin virtual tours from LCP360 directly onto their profiles as another content asset. Having your virtual tour located in one central location with your other digital files saves time and eliminates organization challenges.

Additionally, PocketBuildings gives you the ability to view multiple file types without the need for software. The platform already supports over 180 file types, and removes the need for expensive licenses like Autodesk when needing to view AutoCAD files, PDF Floor Plans and more.

How to get your Panoskin embedded on your PocketBuildings profile:

If you’re ready to add your Panoskin virtual tour to your PocketBuildings profile, simply add the Panoskin URL to your PocketBuilding’s listing and the platform will automatically create a custom thumbnail and place the tour in a designated content category for viewing and sharing.

How to get your building on PocketBuildings:

Don’t have a PocketBuildings profile yet? Your first building is free for life. Click here to sign up for PocketBuildings and start creating your building profiles today.

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