LCP360 & ROOM8: Finding Apartments and Roommates in a Virtual World

by Kyna Garrett, on Mar 23, 2020 4:30:00 PM

We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with ROOM8 to streamline the apartment search experience. ROOM8 is a technology company optimizing co-living through roommate matching and apartment search services.

Through this partnership, ROOM8 and LCP360 will provide a new level of sophistication to the rental home search experience, including immersive 360 virtual tours, drone photography, and built-in virtual meetings with leasing professionals. LCP360’s proprietary application, Panoskin, customizes Google Street View virtual tours for communities to create an enhanced experience designed to engage and convert prospects. ROOM8 will soon display Panoskin virtual tours in its app.

People and organizations around the globe are working together to overcome the challenges of COVID-19. For many renters, the importance of an ideal home has never been more important when they have to adapt all daily activities to their apartments. More renters are turning to virtual experiences when it comes to renting apartments during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why LCP360 has partnered with ROOM8, the latest co-living app, popular among Millennials and Gen Z, to streamline the apartment search with roommate matching, all virtually.

Building upon the in-app experience

The user journey within ROOM8 starts out with a questionnaire to get a better idea of what kind of living situation renters are seeking. These questions are leveraged to pinpoint commonly shared interests among individuals such as desired social habits, pet preferences, and daily routines.

From there, ROOM8 helps future residents discover locations and communities in common. Those seeking a roommate can also find compatible roommates with a space already available.

LCP360 comes into play during the apartment search experience. Panoskin will now aid in the creation and delivery of interactive virtual tours within the ROOM8 app.

The app will soon feature Panoskin virtual tours among other digital content from LCP360 for property management companies that list their communities on the app, which will build upon the experience and offer a level of clarity to the in-app search.

What to expect next

By leveraging 360 tours from the Panoskin software, apartment listings on ROOM8 will now be able to provide much needed transparency, similar to the app’s roommate compatibility questions.

These tours will be able to provide extensive information about apartment communities, such as unit layouts, floor plans, amount of space, and any interior and exterior amenities that are provided.

While the process of co-living and finding an apartment can have its ups and downs, app users now have all of the resources necessary for a seamless and positive transition with this partnership.

We are committed to simplifying the apartment search so that management companies can ultimately accelerate their leasing efforts by generating interest and improving their quality of leads.

Interested in posting your communities to ROOM8? Contact us to learn more. Download ROOM8 today.

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