How Multifamily Can Adapt to Advances in Technology

by Kyna Garrett, on Oct 16, 2017 11:13:00 PM

The multifamily industry is at the cusp of new advances in technology. Renters have become more tech-savvy and with it, apartments have become smarter, amenities have modernized, and the industry itself has found a new promising online presence to connect with potential and current residents.

Most renters today are millennials. Less and less young people are buying homes and deciding to rent instead. For millennials, it's about being in a hub where things are happening, having access to easy transportation, and living modern. That's why the apartment industry is beginning to find new ways to progress in this modern era of technology to appeal to the new generation of renters.

Apartment Communities Must Have a Strong Social Media Presence

The best place for communities to start is online. Having a strong online and social media presence is key. Your website or social media profiles are often the first places potential residents will find you. This includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. Appearing on apartment search engine websites will help people find you, too.

Having complete social profiles with sufficient reviews, detailed information, and links to your leasing pages help future tenants understand more about you right at their fingertips.

Take advantage of the opportunities that social media allows. Your tenants most likely want a place to converse with your community. Give them a place to do that, whether it's a forum on your website or a Facebook Group.

Incorporate Interactive and Visual Content

Let your future tenants see who you are. Future tenants are interested to see where they'll be living. It's not enough to describe your amenities or give a simple explanation of a two-bed, two-bath apartment. High-quality photographs are not only eye-catching, they're honest. Be upfront with your renters about your community and what they can expect to see before they inquire about a tour.

How Multifamily Can Adapt to Advances in Technology

Take your images a step further by offering virtual content to give distant renters the chance to view your community miles away. Virtual tours offer a unique resource to your interested clients that many competitors won't always have. They're great resources for those who may not be able to take a physical tour.

Offer Amenities That Cater to the Tech-Savvy Renter

Amenities are the holy grail of technology offerings. Amenities are a key player in attracting renters to your community. More and more, common spaces include small details like USB ports, plenty of outlets, and dependable wireless internet. Internet cafes are popping up in multifamily structures. Fitness centers offer state-of-the-art equipment, with Wi-Fi and big-screen televisions.

24-Hour package delivery service and locker systems with text notifications have become one of the latest trends, especially with the surge in online shopping. And if there's one thing millennials love, it's their bikes and their dogs. Dog washing stations are one of the newer technology trends in multifamily, along with bike rooms and tire pressure stations.

Tech is more important than ever in apartment homes. Staying on trend with multifamily technology is the difference between keeping renters and losing them.