Get to Know Rayhanna Guillen, Lead 3D Project Manager

by Caitlin Golden, on Jul 15, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Rayhanna Guillen, Lead 3D Project Manager started at LCP360 in 2017 as a design intern. After moving from the Dominican Republic and attending Columbia College in Chicago to finish her degree in interior architecture, she worked her way up in the company to becoming the leader in all things 3D at LCP360.

Rayhanna Guillen

Guillen spends a lot of her time working with clients and making sure that her team stays organized with the projects they are working on, especially during this season which happens to be the busiest time of year.

“Usually I communicate with clients on a daily basis to ensure the projects are going smoothly,” Guillen said. “As of right now we have a total of 95-plus projects that we are actively working on.”

The 3D team at LCP360 works on a wide range of project types from multifamily renderings and virtual staging to photorealistic 3D floor plans and detailed fly-through animations. Guillen’s team works tirelessly to design and maintain constant communication with clients to ensure project expectations are met.

While Guillen’s focus is the actual design of the project, her role comes into play well before the production process.

“Usually the client interaction starts once the contract is signed,” said Guillen. “I help sales with creating quotes based on clients’ needs and spaces to be worked. Once that is done, I will reach out to the client and start gathering the files and documents that are needed to start working on the renderings.”

Being here for four years, Guillen has been able to be a part of a lot of interesting projects, but her favorite one to date is The Osprey at Lake Norman. 

“It was just the way we were able to incorporate drone photography with 3D and create this great masterpiece,” Guillen said. “It looks even better than real photography and that has to be my favorite.”

Guillen started when the company was small with less than 20 employees and has loved being able to see it grow in the last couple years. She’s also made some friendships along the way.

“We are like our own little family here, even when things get overwhelming we still enjoy working together,” she said. “I look forward to continuing to grow with the company, just seeing where we started and how far we have come makes me proud to be a part of that growth.”

Starting as an intern at LCP360, Guillen has learned what it takes to progress in her career. For anyone looking to get into the design industry Guillen has one important piece of advice for you:

“I must say, just remember to be creative and always think outside the box.”

Guillen spends a lot of her time working and focusing on client needs but when not overseeing the latest 3D project, she spends her time mostly with her mini husky Bruce (named after Bruce Wayne), catching up on Grey’s Anatomy or watching baseball and basketball games.

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