Get to Know Klaudia Marzec, Client Success Manager

by Caitlin Golden, on Oct 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM

After taking an internship as a digital content advisor with LCP360, Klaudia Marzec didn’t know her role would develop into something much more. Three years later, Klaudia is the full time Customer Success Manager at LCP360 servicing clients to make sure they are happy and satisfied. 

Klaudia Marzec

Before joining LCP360, Klaudia was attending DePaul University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in marketing. Four months after her internship started she was offered a full time position as a customer service representative. Two years later Marzec received the opportunity to manage the customer success team.

As the Customer Success Manager, Klaudia’s focus is on keeping LCP360’s clients happy with the products and services they have received. There’s a lot that goes into making sure that happens. 

“Everyday is somewhat different given the types of requests we get from clients,” explained Marzec. “Generally, I start my day by checking my emails and responding to client questions, then move on to my tasks for the week. I am a visual person so I keep a notebook by my side where I keep a list of things that need to be done.”

Whether updating Panoskin subscription invoices, completing or assigning client requests, maintaining on-time Panoskin deliveries, training clients on Panoskin software, transferring tours from one management to another or updating clients on the latest features of Panoskin, she is constantly in contact with the clients.

And that is part of the job that she really enjoys.

“My favorite part is that I get to see our clients happy with the final product,” said Marzec.  “I enjoy being able to assist in turning our clients' projects into what they were envisioning.”

But it isn’t an easy task for just anyone to be able to provide the assistance and attention to clients like Klaudia is able to. 

“Customer success is achieved through always putting the client first, so for anyone who would like to work in this field having the right attitude and willingness to go above and beyond is key,” explained Marzec. 

Coming up on her third year working at LCP360, Klaudia has had some wonderful experiences and memories made with her colleagues. But her favorite so far is the summer outing that recently took place.

“We were able to get together after over a year of working from home,” said Marzec. “I think this event meant a lot too many of us being such a close knit group because of how long we were isolated from one another.”

The company took all the employees out on a yacht on Lake Michigan, to spend some quality time together and get to know all the new employees after being away from each other for so long because of the pandemic. 

The pandemic didn’t just affect Klaudia’s professional life though. Similar to a lot of other people she had planned to get married before the pandemic hit and after having to move the date due to COVID-19, just this July she was able to celebrate her wedding. 

“I just got married so that was what I was most looking forward to over the past two years,” said Marzec. “Now that that is over with, I will mostly be looking forward to going on our honeymoon.”

When Klaudia isn’t assisting clients and making sure the customer service department is running smoothly you can find her in her kitchen experimenting with different dishes or most recently destressing at her kick-box studio. 



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