Q3 Roundup: Digital Tools and Insights to Get You Through 2020

by McKenna Hogan, on Sep 28, 2020 8:30:00 AM

It’s no secret that 2020 has posed a series of challenges for businesses everywhere. Because of this, we put together ten must-read resources full of insights and best practices that will help get you through the remainder of 2020.

LCP360 Survey: The Pandemic’s Impact on Multifamily Marketing

LCP360 conducted a case study among multifamily marketers that takes a deeper look into the effects of COVID-19 on strategies and operations within real estate.

The data gathered includes responses from a set of multifamily marketing clients in the U.S. In addition to survey responses, the report also gathers information from 2020 renter trends and Panoskin virtual tour statistics.

Our take

As a virtual tour provider, LCP360 has access to certain resources and data that illustrate the effectiveness of virtual tours as well as business/consumer response to this digital transition.

By shedding light on the role technology has and continues to play in multifamily marketing, we can help real estate professionals successfully navigate this transition by taking a deeper look into the experiences of others.

The New Apartment Tour: 3 Ways to Modernize Tours and Get More Leases

This recent eBook by Yardi provides extremely valuable insights in regards to the modern day apartment tour, complete with data, quick wins, and best practices.

This resource includes tips on everything from modernizing virtual tours, self guided tours, authenticating interactions, and a comprehensive checklist to ensure your digital marketing strategy is up-to-date and result driven.

Our take

Renter trends are constantly changing—especially during these uncertain times. This eBook provides exactly what renters are looking for on your website, how to strategize placement, and taking potential prospects all the way to the finish line.

Overall, it’s short but compact, filled with only essential information to help your community stand out.

A 4-Step Guide to Preparing Your Business for a Post-COVID Era

The fact of the matter is, we don’t know when the effects of Coronavirus will end. What we do know is that even through many obstacles and hardships, businesses can still operate to the fullest extent with the correct tools.

This article details 4 increasingly essential tactics to leverage within your real estate marketing strategy that will ensure success for the long term.

Our take

The pandemic forced reinvention on all businesses. In fact, it even served as a “test case” for digital transformation.

By learning from this transition, and fine-tuning real estate technology and digital tools, you can ensure your property stays above water for the remainder of the year and into the next.

Property Management in 2020: How to Creatively Use the Chaos to Come Out Ahead

By now, many businesses are aware of the digital tools needed in order to keep up business operations during Coronavirus and so forth. However, there hasn’t been much focus on how companies can maintain a healthy culture in order to succeed on a personal level.

This article by AppFolio consists of three webinars conducted by industry professionals posing opportunities for property management teams to find success, even remotely.

Our take

Principal Product Manager of AppFolio, Mike Blanchette quotes Plato in his presentation, “the true creator is necessity, who is the mother of our invention.”

The message of this article is that the pandemic has caused global uncertainty, or “chaos,” but it left opportunity for businesses to grow and reinvent themselves. This article is a must-read because not only does it provide creative resources for property managers during these difficult times, but it also insights positivity by methodically turning this circumstance into a chance to start over on a level playing field.

How to Schedule More Virtual Tours With Prospects

It’s unfortunate, but true—virtual tours do not schedule themselves.

With Coronavirus urging real estate professionals to get on board the virtual tour train, many have been left wondering what next steps to take after the initial investment.

This article outlines every which way real estate marketers can position their tours, complete with unique and relevant strategies to get the most eyes on your virtual property tour.

Our take

Virtual tours are extremely dynamic tools, and therefore should be used as such.

Current renters and renting trends tell us that convenience and immediacy are huge decision makers while interacting with a brand. This article provides new and unique ways to show off your virtual tour while also getting more prospects to schedule a guided tour with strategies for placement, messaging, and digital tactics.

Real Estate Budgeting for 2021: Technology Trends to Look Out For

It’s finally Q3, which means budget season is in full-effect. This year technology paved the way for marketing and business operations among real estate thanks to the ongoing pandemic, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

This article outlines the trends that will be running the scene in 2021 as well as some insight and best practices for cementing strategies and budgets from now throughout the new year.

Our take

Not knowing where the pandemic will take us as an economy is surely a looming factor for real estate professionals trying to cement a marketing budget.

Now that the initial chaos and uncertainty of strategizing marketing and operations has subsided, it’s time to take charge and prepare for the year ahead. Like we always say, it’s better to be proactive than reactive—stay updated on the latest trends and don’t put off planning. 2021 will be sure to hold many new opportunities for reinvention.

Gen Z Will Sacrifice Personal Space for Amenities and Convenience

Somewhat ironically, a huge trend among younger renters in 2020 is co-living.

Gen Z in particular is seeking out communities that provide large social spaces and convenient locations to downtown areas, transportation, and local businesses. In turn, this demographic is prepared to sacrifice living space just to have access to these amenities.

This article covers amenities, technology, and how to adapt to the community-driven times.

Our take

Amenities can be a make or break thing for modern-day renters—so it’s essential you keep up with them.

For those that don’t have it in their budget to completely transition apartment extras, location, or shared spaces, you can still accommodate consumer needs by lightly remodeling, integrating smart technology, partnering with local businesses, and so on. Take a look at this article to see how.

11 Social Media Calendars, Tools, and Templates to Plan Your Content

Hubspot put together a resource consisting of all kinds of organizational tools and templates to help you maximize efficiency when it comes to planning social media content.

Providing a little something for everyone, these digital tools will ensure everything from creating, scheduling, and promoting is taken care of so that your team never misses a beat.

Our take

This article is part of our Q3 roundup for a very specific reason: social media is king in real estate marketing right now, and we predict it will only increase from here.

Not only does social media content provide more visibility, it also builds trust, acts as the face of your brand, and is often even used as a search engine. The point is, keeping up with posts is essential to success—these resources will aid in automation as well as optimization to ensure social media success.

5 Ways COVID-19 is Changing the Role of Property Manager

Sure, marketing and operations have changed significantly—but how has the role of property manager shifted in these uncertain times?

This article by NAA covers this widespread transition as well as what the future looks like for those in a property manager position, making sense of the new roles and responsibilities carried out on a day-to-day basis.

Our take

Complete with tips on how to work from a distance, remain connected to prospects, and continuing to provide an enhanced customer experience, these insights are especially important to put into practice as we approach the new year.

The Virtual Leasing Handbook: Your Main Resource for Online Leasing Solutions

Virtual leasing is the safe, effective alternative real estate professionals have transitioned to since the onset of COVID-19.

This comprehensive guide provides everything you need and more, covering areas such as virtual leasing tools, benefits, best practices, and quick wins. Added bonus: it’s completely free, no download necessary.

Our take

The term “virtual leasing” has become pretty well known in the real estate industry. However, there are still many businesses out there struggling to keep up with this newfound wave of completely online leasing.

For those looking for one single resource that not only covers the basics, but provides effective tips and tricks for success, take a look at this all-in-one virtual leasing handbook.

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