13 Before and After Examples of 3D Real Estate Photography

by McKenna Hogan, on Mar 3, 2021 8:30:00 AM

According to a 2019 Global Market Insight Inc. report, renderings will rise to over $6 billion by 2025.

While many recognize hard hat tours or architectural floor plans as a common pre-leasing tool for developments, 3D real estate “photography”, or 3D real estate renderings, has quickly swept in and stole the show—and for good reason.

This era of renters - whether for apartments, office space, etc. - value transparency and trust very highly. Photorealistic renderings can provide that, and more.

We like to use the saying, “when you show more, you lease more.” and that’s been proven to be true. If you have the opportunity to show renters exactly what their future home may look like before it’s even built - think amenities, unit selection, common areas - and then follow through with photography showing the evolution of your property, you are providing renters their need for a trusting and informative investment.

So, to show exactly how this process works, from concept to creation, we’ve provided 13 before and after examples of 3D real estate photography.

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1. Sonceto

Sonceto, managed by Epoch Residential, is located in Kissimmee, Florida, and leveraged their 3D renderings to show their available unit selection.

3D to Photography

Renters can even find inspiration in 3D rendered decor and furniture.

2. The Collins

The Collins is managed by RAM Partners LLC and is located in Huntsville, Alabama. 

During the pre-leasing phase in October 2020, The Collins reached a total of 73 units occupied, exceeding their occupancy goal of 25 move-ins by September. In addition to move-ins, 149 units are already pre-leased, putting the property at 53% units leased.

3D to Photography (1)

3D to Photography (2)

Amy Tucker, Area Vice President for RAM Partners states The Collins was “one of the fastest lease-ups they ever had.”

3. Society Las Olas

One of the biggest co-living developments in the US, Society Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has experienced amazing results pre-leasing their development with 3D solutions including a virtual tour, stills, and a stacking feature.

3D to Photography (3)

3D to Photography (4)

3D to Photography (5)

Brand and Marketing Director of PMG, Brian Koles states, "Being able to create photorealistic images of over 30 floor plans and 75,000 square feet of intensively designed amenities was a major undertaking. Having LCP360 as a partner to create all of our visual collateral is way more convenient than juggling multiple vendors."

4. Solis Alston

Solis Alston is located in Cary, North Carolina and managed by Terwilliger Papas. Take a look at how they leveraged unique angles for their 3D renderings to show off their space in the best light.

3D to Photography (6)

3D to Photography (7)

5. Essex Luxury Apartments

Essex Luxury Apartments, managed by Flournoy Partners and located in Orlando, Florida, played with both interior and exterior lighting to make their community shine.

3D to Photography (8)

3D to Photography (9)

6. Aspire Residences

And last, but not least, Aspire Residences by Draper & Kramer, located in Chicago, IL. 

3D to Photography (10)

3D to Photography (11)

I mean, just look at these amenity spaces!

Bonus: a 3D rendered pup from North Square Properties!

3D to Photography (12)

Go big on pre-leasing technology

You only get one shot at pre-leasing your development—and first impressions are essential in determining future success.

3D real estate renderings can help meet occupancy goals, provide renters with informative content, aid in marketing from concept to creation, and even after that. Interested in making the investment? Talk to our team today.

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