2019 Year in Review: A Time of Growth and Change

by Kyna Garrett, on Dec 23, 2019 8:45:00 AM

It’s an understatement to say 2019 was an exciting year for LCP360. Much has happened over the last 12 months, and we’re thrilled to share some of these amazing changes with you.

From expansion in services to adding new talent to our team, we've seen incredible growth in 2019. Here is just a glimpse into the amazing year we've had at LCP360.

We completed more than 130 3D projects this year!

Panoskin on LaptopNever before have we seen such a boom in 3D rendering services at our company. This year has certainly been the year of 3D renderings. Our 3D team completed about 130 projects in 2019, but that number only keeps growing.

It’s not surprising to see why 3D has become such a commodity for properties in development. After all, major cities are thriving with construction, new high-rises are lining the sky, and a senior living development boom is underway.

Developers and management companies now more than ever require photorealistic renderings for stronger sales and marketing pushes. Simple architecture renderings aren't enough anymore. And we're excited to help bring these projects to life, from concept to creation.

Our team keeps growing.

This year was truly a year of growth - both in our industry and as a team.

We added a handful of talented individuals to our headcount, each department growing by a couple of new team members.

This growth is essential to the success of LCP360. As 3D continues to expand, we continue to strengthen our partnerships, and create new leasing solutions for our clients. We’re thrilled to have these new members join us along this exciting journey.

There’s no such thing as a slow season anymore.

We love to joke around here that there’s no such thing as a slow season at LCP360. As you know, photography season takes place during the spring and summer months, however, our operation team hardly felt a lull in scheduling photo shoots this year.

In 2019, we scheduled about 1,500 photo shoots for properties across the U.S. and Canada. That’s up 68% from 2018.

Preiss Library Still

It’s never a dull moment here for our Operations and Productions teams as we’re constantly coordinating dates for optimal weather across the nation and receiving an influx of photos for premium editing. Historically, our busiest months have been April through August, but this year, August and October were our strongest for photo shoots.

We’re looking forward to an even stronger year for photography in 2020!

Last (but not least), we moved!

In November, we packed our bags (and camera equipment) to head off to a new office in Chicago.

We are in the process of renovating our new office space for 2020, which will include an open concept and a collaborative space for our entire team.

This new space is only going to help the team expand as we take on more projects and photo shoots in the years to come. We can’t wait to show you what our new space looks like in just a few short months. Stay tuned!

What’s on the horizon?

We’re happy to say we’re not slowing down. As our team prepares for 2020, we have plenty of new projects in the works - including new virtual tour updates, changes to our interactive stacking plans, and much more.