Best Practices for
Embedding Your Panoskin Tour

#1  Have a clear call-to-action

Your call-to-action needs to be clear, that way the person visiting your site knows exactly what they should do. Do not get carried away with the name, make it simple and use action words such as View Virtual Tour

image 1

image 2

#2 Always embed above the fold

Above the fold refers to the top of the page that is seen without the need to scroll. The placement of your virtual tour is important because the content above the fold is what's first visible by the person viewing your website. You will get the most results with your virtual tour here.

image 3

#3 Embed on the gallery page

Another great tip is to have your virtual tour on your galley page. With a clear CTA on your home page linking to the gallery, you are sure to see more engagement.

image 4

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